Even though we have been very careful in our attempts

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Unformatted text preview: liability The definition of reliability is according to Denscombe (2000) is that a measurement can be reproduced with similar results and that therefore variations in the results is entirely depending on variations in the measured area and not in the instrument of measurement. The interviews were performed in Swedish as it is the native language of both of the researchers and the respondents. This allows the respondent to freely answer and elaborate on the 27 METHODOLOGY questions asked by the researchers, however it forces the researchers to perform a translation of the respondents answers which might render a reliability problem due to unintentional translation interpretations by the researchers. Even though we have been very careful in our attempts to perform this study we would like to point out that subjectivity is always a factor to be considered when performing research, which might influence the respondent or his/her answers. Therefore it is not certain that if performed again the study would lead to the same result, however the results should be similar if performed by f...
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