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Exploratory research is performed when a problem is

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Unformatted text preview: on of the methodology is presented below in figure 3.1. Research Purpose Research Approach Data Collection Research Strategy Sample Selection Data Analysis Validity & Reliability Figure 3.1: Schematic Presentation of Chapter 3 Source: Adapted from Foster (1998), p.81 3.1 RESEARCH PURPOSE According to Yin (1994), there are three different categories of research; exploratory, explanatory and descriptive. These three classifications can be founded on how much knowledge the researcher has about the problem before starting the investigation, and further, the type of information that is needed in order to deal with the purpose of the thesis. Exploratory research is performed when a problem is difficult to limit and when there is little or restricted research on the topic. According to Denscombe (2000) the purpose of exploratory research is to gather as much information as possible through the use of different sources, in addition Yin (1994) states that an exploratory study should state a purpose and the criteria to judge the exploration successful. According to Foster (1998) descriptive research is performed when studying a p...
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