Furthermore root 1994 adds another theory where he

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Unformatted text preview: owth rate Market barriers We will on the other hand not use Image support requirements, Global management efficiency requirements and Popularity of individual MEMs in the overseas market in this current study, as these are not relevant to the research area. Hollsensen (2001) brings forward two other external factors, which are Highly competitive business environment and Forced choice of entry mode. We will not take these under consideration when conducting our thesis, since both these factors are integrated in Koch’s (2001) theory of market entry mode selection. Furthermore Root (1994) adds another theory where he discusses four external factors to consider when choosing market entry mode selection. Of these four we will focus on: • • • Target country market factors Target country production factors Home country factors The choice to leave out the fourth factor of Target country environmental factors was made because environmental factors are as earlier mentioned brought up in previous theo...
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