Geographic distance social and cultural differences

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Unformatted text preview: rnational market? • Market share targets? • Profit targets? • Establishment time? • Return on investment? International establishment 27. How have you succeeded in your previous international market entries? 28. How does the company’s previous experience of specific entry modes affect your choice of market entry mode when establishing on a new international market? 29. How fast has the company shown positive results with your previous new activities on new international markets? Strategy 30. What strategy does the company have when entering a new international market? APPENDIX 1 External factors 31. How has the following external factors influenced the company’s choice of international markets? • Geographic distance? • Social and cultural differences? • Laws and regulations? • Infrastructure? • Exchange rate stability? • Knowledge and information about the market? • Political stability? • Trade barriers? • Tax advantages? • Market size and growth rate? • Competition? • Uncertainty to assess demand? • Costs to be active on the market? 32. How has the following external factors influenced the company’s choice of entry mode in new inte...
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