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Global management efficiency requirements koch 2001

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Unformatted text preview: be very large, but only in several years, establishing own manufacturing/ marketing subsidiaries may be the best answer (Koch, 2001). Image support requirements In some industries, companies want to build and sustain the image of a leading global supplier have to be present in leading markets. Some companies may license their inventions to increase their role as global providers of newest technology, and influence the relevant industry standards (Koch, 2001). Global management efficiency requirements Koch (2001) argues that the increasing involvement in international business raises the awareness of the limitations of the company’s resources and, sooner or later, results in a redefinition of the company’s global strategy. For some companies choosing a diversified, multinational mode of operation is the answer, for others – the standardized, global approach may turn out to be more appropriate from the strategic efficiency point of view. Critical success factors and companies’ core capabilities must be examined to find the optimal organizational structure and strategy to follow. Popularity of individual MEMs in the overseas market According to Koch (2001) some country markets may show a high popularity level for...
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