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However our findings show that the company mainly

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Unformatted text preview: ion of the factors influencing the market entry mode decision the company should according to Root’s (1994) theory use the entry mode of Licensing or Branch/ subsidiary exporting. After comparing our findings to the factors in Root’s (1994) theory our findings showed that the company uses mainly indirect and agent distributor exporting, which thereby contradicts the theory. It is however worth mentioning that our findings placed the company in the Licensing or Branch/ subsidiary exporting entry modes by only slight margin, which therefore makes the contradiction to theory not conclusive. Furthermore our findings in case two revealed that the company’s products are standardized and technology intense. Additionally the company use low product adaptation and has substantial resources. This together with their high commitment should place the company in the category of equity investment/ production according to Root (1994). However, our findings show that the company mainly uses Indirect and Agent /distributor 39 DATA ANALYSIS exporting, which contradicts the theory argued by Root (1994). The results in case two were more conclusive in the contradiction against theory than our findings in ca...
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