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In addition hollensen 2001 adds to this that a highly

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Unformatted text preview: r free of charge, a concern for small beginners, in particular. Similarity and volatility of general business regulation/practices, business infrastructure and supporting industries levels of development, forms, scope and intensity of competition, customer sophistication and 15 LITERATURE REVIEW customer protection legislation are amongst those characteristics which would normally attract the attention of potential entrants into a foreign market (Koch, 2001). In addition Hollensen (2001) adds to this that a highly competitive business environment may lead to the company entering through less resource intense entry modes in order to avoid unnecessary risk. Market growth rate As a market entry selection criterion, market growth rate can be expected to be of considerable significance. If a market is growing at a fast rate, and this rate of growth does not seem sustainable over several years, the company will be advised to tap into this opportunity without any delay and use indirect or direct exporting. If demand in a foreign market is anticipated to...
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