In addition saunders et al 2000 argues that the

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Unformatted text preview: e to use more than one approach to a research project, the authors argue that exploratory, descriptive and explanatory research is not mutually exclusive as research approach. An exploratory research approach is according to Winter (1992) used when there are little previously written about a subject. Descriptive research on the other hand is according to Yin (2003) a complete description of a single phenomenon within its context, which goal is to develop and explain empirical generalizations. Further Eriksson and Wiedersheim-Paul (2001) argue that descriptive research involves the choice of perspective, aspects, levels, terms and concepts. In addition Saunders et. al. (2000) argues that the objective of descriptive research is accurately portraying a profile of persons, situations or events. The objective of explanatory research is according to Eriksson and Wiedersheim-Paul (2001) to analyze causeeffect relationships, it explains what causes produce what symptoms. In addition Miles and Huberman (1994) state that explanatory research concerns the act...
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