In addition several fellow individuals have viewed

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Unformatted text preview: utdated. Interviews is best used, according to Denscombe (2000), when the researcher needs to answer questions that are complex and/or contain emotions or experience form a specific subject. It also allows the respondent to answer questions in his/her own words and develop the answers as to get the full picture of the subject at hand. The interview guide was constructed through using our frame of reference and in a chronological order we created interview questions using the theories regarding the internal and external factors. The questions where formulated to get the respondent to answer in a descriptive manner without the possibility to answer yes or no. In addition, several fellow individuals have viewed the interview guide, in order to ensure the comprehensibility of the questions and the appointed supervisor has also approved it. Due to the lack of resources and the great geographic distance we have chosen to perform the interviews over the telephone. We have also chosen to send the interview guide in advance to the respondents, in order to mak...
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