In addition the author states that the analytical

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Unformatted text preview: duct centers. The three product centers (Meva, NWP, and Zickert) all offer own designs, products and service as part of their range ( 3.6 DATA ANALYSIS After collecting the empirical data, the process of data analysis was performed. The purpose of this was to find answers to the research questions stated in chapter one. Yin (1994) states that data analysis involves examining, categorizing, tabulating, or otherwise recombining the collected data. The author further argues that every investigation should have a general analytic strategy, which treat evidence fairly, produce compelling analytic conclusions, and rule out alternative interpretations. In addition, the author states that the analytical strategy should help the researcher to choose a technique that completes the analysis of the research. Yin (1994) brings forward two such strategies; firstly, that the theoretical propositions that initially lead to the case study should be followed and secondly, that a descriptive framework is developed to organize the case study. Accord...
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