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Unformatted text preview: h strategy for this thesis. 3.4 DATA COLLECTION Yin (1994) states six different sources of evidence for conducting a case study: interviews, documentation, archival records, direct observations, participant observations and physical artifacts. Denscombe (2000) argues that the sources should be combined if possible, which is also supported by Yin (1994), both these author’s referrers to this as triangulation. According to Yin (1994) the use of triangulation in case studies allow the investigator to address historical, attitudinal, and behavioral issues in a broad range. The author further states that no single source has an advantage over the others. Instead the different sources of evidence complement each other, since they all have strengths and weaknesses. When conducting a case study the researcher should try to use multiple sources of evidence in order to improve the validity and reliability of the thesis. With this in mind we will use multiple sources of data in order to perform this study and confirm the research results in a broad range perspec...
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