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It is not the product or the company that should be

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Unformatted text preview: through entry modes such as sales agents/distributor exporting, and secondly gaining contacts through which you can increase the local knowledge, needed for entering markets through local presence, such as the opening of sales or production subsidiaries, thereby affecting the choice of market entry mode. This choice of market entry mode will most likely be performed through using previous experience in using individual MEMs. We found that despite the companies’ similarities regarding industry and target markets, the companies have different preferred entry modes. However, both companies are profitable which leads us to the conclusion that there is not just one single effective market entry mode, but rather different ways of reaching ones objectives, thus there is no right or wrong regarding internal factors influencing the company’s choice of market entry mode. It is not the product or the company that should be deciding which market entry mode to use, but rather the current conditions regarding strategy, product and target market. 6.2 RESEARCH QUESTION 2 – HOW DO EXTERNAL FACTORS INFLUENCE F...
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