Kochs 2001 theory is regarding case one also

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Unformatted text preview: e/resources, management risk attitudes, market share targets, profit targets and experience in using individual MEMs. Company size/resources Koch (2001) states that the company size/resources often affect the company’s choice of market entry mode since smaller companies usually have fewer market servicing options, as their very limited own resources may simply not allow, or discourage from, some market entry modes. The data collected in case one does verifies the theory, in that the company is regarded as a SME and as such they do not have a company representative for market information gathering, but rather it is included in the everyday work assignments of the sales and marketing personnel. This is also consistent with our findings regarding case two as the company is regarded as a SME with no specific department for information gathering. Koch’s (2001) theory is regarding case one, also supported in the way that international market entry is somewhat discouraged from establishing fully owned subsidiaries. In the cases when fully owned subsidiaries have been e...
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