Lack of financial resources can also force the

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Unformatted text preview: and conclusions, as a result, the answers to the earlier stated research questions will be provided. The findings will be presented jointly with each research question. Our conclusions will then be presented along with implications for management, existing theory and finally implications for future research. 6.1 RESEARCH QUESTION 1 – HOW DO INTERNAL FACTORS INFLUENCE FIRM’S CHOICE OF INTERNATIONAL MARKET ENTRY MODE? After analyzing the data in chapter five we found that the factor company size/ resources influences the choice of market entry mode as SME’s tend to initiate their internationalization through export before using more resource intense market entry modes, such as subsidiaries. This can according to theory be a result of lack of resources (travels and transportation costs), lack of financial risk tolerance and foreign business experience. Lack of financial resources can also force the company to use their sales and marketing personnel as a tool for gathering market information, as opposed to companies with great resources having the possibility to employ personnel with that speci...
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