Long term goals are also considered very important

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Unformatted text preview: heir product rather than adapt their product to the market. The planning and control within the company has shown to be absolutely crucial for the company’s success with internationalization. Finally, the employee motivation and ability for international engagement is high, since it has been a clearly stated part of the company’s strategy for many years. 32 EMPIRICAL DATA Regarding the company’s choice of international market entry mode the respondent views time to market to be a factor that is hard to assess and that is usually takes longer than foreseen, but is not seriously affecting the company’s choice of entry mode. Purac sees the greatest risk lies in failure to secure payment rather than high investment involvement due to the strategy of continue the internationalization through project to project. Long- term goals are also considered very important since the future is hard to predict, and there has to be a long- term market for their product to successfully establish a local subsidiary in a specific geographical market. The remaining internal factors (resources, flexibility, return on invest...
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