Market barriers koch 2001 state that market barriers

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Unformatted text preview: cted to be of considerable significance. If a market is growing at a fast rate, and this rate of growth does not seem sustainable over several years, the company will be advised to tap into this opportunity without any delay and use indirect or direct exporting. Our findings in case one contradicts 41 DATA ANALYSIS this statement as it does not affect the choice of entry mode for the company, instead the company sees the importance of market growth rate when prospecting new emerging international markets. Furthermore, our findings in case two revealed that the company in case two has a more restrictive strategy regarding markets with high growth rate, as they follow the development and await the right opportunity before entering the market. According to the respondent the high growth rate itself does not affect the company choice of market entry mode, thus contradicting the theory stated by Koch (2001). Market barriers Koch (2001) state that market barriers can make access to foreign markets more difficult. Our findings in case one reveled that market barriers are important as the c...
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