Market barriers koch 2001 states that amongst

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Unformatted text preview: some modes of market entry with the industry in question. Selection of entry mode by new potential entrants will be influenced by the experience, degree of success of the former entrants and the anticipated product market situation. On the other hand, companies that had positive experience in different entry modes in other markets before may sometimes be tempted to try an alternative to the mode of entry prevalent in the new market, if that could improve strategy match. Market barriers Koch (2001) states that amongst barriers that can make access to foreign markets more difficult, the following categories are considered of major importance: • Tariff barriers • Governmental regulations • Distribution access • Natural barriers (market success and customer allegiances) • Advanced versus developing countries • Exit barriers 16 LITERATURE REVIEW 2.2.2 Theory by Root (1994) As mentioned earlier, Root (1994) argue that a company’s choice of entry mode for a given product/ target c...
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