Market share targets according to koch 2001 the

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Unformatted text preview: iders themselves as market leaders with two large international firms as their main competitors. The company has extensive experience which in combination with the company’s positive view of the future, according to Koch’s (2001) theory should make them less risk averse, which is not the case thus the theory 35 DATA ANALYSIS is contradicted. Additionally the respondent in case two argues that they are also risk averse despite their positive result and adds to the contradiction of the theory. The company in case two also has a great amount of experience in their industry and considers themselves among the best in the industry. They consider their main competitors being two French companies and predict their future development to be positive. Their competitive environment should according to the theory make them less risk averse than our findings constitute. Market share targets According to Koch (2001) the Market share targets depend on what way of market entry mode is selected and depends on if the company strives for sa...
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