Mevas strategy when it comes to markets with high

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Unformatted text preview: espondent state that trade barriers is the most important factor as they usually work through foreign distributors. The trade barriers’, make them adapt their way of reaching the target country to avoid penalty duties in the target country, for example in Brazil. The remaining external factors (geographical distance, social and cultural differences, laws and regulations, infrastructure, exchange rate stability, knowledge and information about the market, political stability, tax advantages, market size and growth rate, competition and uncertainty to access demand) are not considered to be of great importance as the company most often enters the market through cooperation with a sales agent in the target country, which then handles these factors without Meva’s involvement. Meva’s strategy when it comes to markets with high growth rate is to try to gain the so called “first mover advantage”. This is performed by determining which markets will reach high growth rate and establishing their presence in these types of markets before it occurs. Meva does not have any restrictio...
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