Non probability sampling can be conducted through

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Unformatted text preview: e sure that they had, or could get, the data regarding their respective company’s internal and external factors influencing their foreign market entry mode that we needed for this thesis. 25 METHODOLOGY 3.5 SAMPLE SELECTION According to Yin (1994) it is essential to find relevant and manageable samples to collect empirical data from. The author further states that a single case study has the opportunity to include subunits of analyses, which leads to a better insight through a more complex design. Further Saunders et. al. (2000) state that non-probability sampling is best used in case studies, which is when a deeper understanding of a problem is required. Non-probability sampling can be conducted through judgment, quota, convenience and probability. In this thesis we have chosen to use non-probability sampling, through convenience sampling, in order for us to collect the relevant sample. As stated earlier the aim of this thesis is to perform a multiple case study and for this thesis the sample selection will be based on the following criteria: • • • Swedish small and medium sized company Production company Heavily dependent on internatio...
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