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Our findings in case one revealed that although the

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Unformatted text preview: s in both cases verify the theories argued by Root (1994) and Bell (1995) as both researched companies initiated their internationalization to the Scandinavian countries and Germany. Today both companies, has successively expanded their range of internationalization and entered countries with greater geographic and “psychic distance” such as the United States. 5.3.3 Theory by Bruhno and Schilt (2001) Bruhno and Schilt (2001) have developed a model where they present internal and external factors that influence a company’s choice of marketing channel. The external factors are market and competitors, and as stated in our conceptual framework we will only focus on competitors. Competitors Bruhno and Schilt (2001) state that the amount and the strength of competitors in an international market affects the choice of market entry mode, as the willingness to allocate resources will be greater in a market with less competition. Our findings in case one revealed that although the company has competitors, they view themselves as market leaders in their industry and does not consider competition to be of great...
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