Our findings in case one revealed that the company

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Unformatted text preview: tes and South-America. As the respondent mentioned long-term goals as one of the critical factors for the company’s choice of international market entry mode, the theory stated by Bruhno and Schilt (2001) is verified. Furthermore, case two revealed that the company’s short-term goal is to continuing winning projects and create a large customer base, enabling the establishment of subsidiaries in new emerging markets such as People’s Republic of China and India. The company’s long-term goal is to increase their sales of biogas in the United States. Thereby further verifying Bruhno and Schilt’s (2001) theory, as long-term goals were considered very important to be able to successfully establish local subsidiaries. Strategy According to Bruhno and Schilt (2001) strategic goals for entering international markets and the development of these strategies, can affect the choice of market entry mode. Our findings in case one revealed that the company does not have any clearly stated strategy regarding inte...
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