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Our findings show that in case one the company shows

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Unformatted text preview: stablished, it has been because local sales agents have gone bankrupt and Meva has then taken over their organization. By taking over an already existing organization the demanded investment is not as great as developing an entirely new sales subsidiary. Koch’s (2001) theory were further verified in case two, as the company according to the respondent use several different market entry modes, although direct export and cooperation with other companies are preferred, subsidiaries only occurs in a few countries with favorable target country conditions. Management risk attitudes Koch (2001) state that management risk attitudes depend on the level to which the company will accept various international business risks, the company’s financial situation, its strategic options, the competitiveness of its competitive environment and its relevant experience. Our findings show that in case one the company shows a positive result but according to the respondent the management attitude toward risk is to play it safe which contradicts Koch’s (2001) theory. Furthermore, the company is case one cons...
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