Purac does not have any restrictions from the swedish

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Unformatted text preview: es the interest to cooperate with a local partner. It is therefore considered the single most important external factor when choosing market entry mode. The remaining external factors (exchange rate stability, knowledge and information about the market, tax advantages, market size and growth rate, uncertainty to assess demand, social and cultural differences, laws and regulations and infrastructure) are of less importance even though they influence in various degree for the decision of which way to enter a new international market. Purac’s strategy when it comes to markets with high growth rate is to follow the development of new emerging markets such as People’s Republic of China and India, and await the right opportunity to make a market entry. The markets financial resources have to be sufficient in order for the company to get involved. Purac does not have any restrictions from the Swedish government regarding trade, except for following the national restrictions and trade embargoes regarding which countries not to enter, for example North Korea. There...
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