Several authors hollensen 1998 albaum strandskov and

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Unformatted text preview: d as solo ventures with full ownership and control by the parent company or as joint ventures with ownership and control shared between the parent company and one or more local partners. A company may start a solo venture from scratch (new establishment) or by acquiring a local company (acquisition) (Root, 1994). There is evidence that many firms develop their export business gradually (Albaum, Strandskov, Duerr and Dowd, 1994). Several authors (Hollensen, 1998; Albaum, Strandskov and Duerr, 1998) argues that the most common mode for entering international markets is export. Hollensen (1998) emphasizes that this can be done direct or indirect and Albaum et. al. (1998) states that it is often the first step of a firm’s internationalization. Many companies appear to grow into international activities through a series of phased developments. They gradually change strategy and tactics as they become more involved. Others enter international markets after much research, with longrange plans fully developed (Cateora, 1996). According to...
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