Similarities and volatility of general business

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Unformatted text preview: ddition, our findings in case one revealed that laws and regulations are regarded as a important factor, because of the company’s customer base, is to a great extent consistent of municipals and governments, which have special rules regarding trade-agreements, which affects the choice of market entry mode. These findings verify the theory brought forward by Koch (2001). Furthermore our findings in case two revealed that Industry feasibility/ viability of MEM is important for the company as well as established legal system are crucial in order for Purac to consider establishment that involves company recourses, further enhancing the support for theory argued by Koch (2001). Characteristics of the overseas country business environment Koch (2001) argues that depending on which characteristics there are on the overseas country business environment, it will influence the company’s choice of entry mode. Similarities and volatility of general business regulation/practices, business infrastructure and supporting industries levels of development are amongst those...
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