Such further establishment is often reached by

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Unformatted text preview: Meva develop a solution for, Meva thereby gain knowledge about the market conditions in that particular country. This is usually performed three to five years before launching a project and is considered to be a great way of keeping up with current events on existing markets as well as the development of new emerging international markets. The decision in what way to enter a new international market is often not directly taken by Meva but rather as a result of cooperation with large international firms that buy Meva’s products for installation abroad. Thereafter the cooperation often leads to local knowledge about Meva and their products, which if conditions are favorable in turn leads to further establishment by Meva in that particular market. Such further establishment is often reached by cooperation with a local sales agent. Meva considers the competition to come from mainly the same firms both nationally and internationally. The main competitors are the German company Huber and the American compa...
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