The company choice of market entry mode does not

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Unformatted text preview: IRM’S CHOICE OF INTERNATIONAL MARKET ENTRY MODE? After analyzing the data in chapter five we found that the factor of Industry feasibility/ viability of MEM influences the choice of market entry mode as there has to be a well established and functional legal system in order for the companies to even consider a market entry. The influence on the market entry mode depends on the possibility to use the preferred market entry mode of the companies. Due to the interest of the market the company will alter their market entry mode in order to avoid legal difficulties when trying to reach the market. If an alteration of market entry mode is not performed the companies will lose the benefits of that particular market. Even though the companies have a preferred market entry mode, industry feasibility/ viability of MEM will force them to adapt their way of entering a new market. The company choice of market entry mode does not depend on the growth rate of a specific market, although the companies’ strategy differs greatly regarding such markets. The influence of the growth...
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