The company gathers information about market

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Unformatted text preview: ors (time to market, resources, flexibility, risk, return on investment, type of product, company size and international experience) are considered to be important to the company when combined, rather than when singled out. In order to avoid risks when entering new international markets, Meva uses contracts for terms of payment and guarantees to assure financial security. Furthermore their strategy is to conduct sales only in SEK, and if the customer demands any other currency, actions are taken to avoid exchange rate losses. The respondent clearly states that the company does not take any currency risks and that this is also clearly stated in the company strategy. Meva’s company structure is considered to be flat, and product-orientated. The company gathers information about market conditions in other countries through engagement in business associations, such as World Water, as well as national and international consultants such as Sweco. The consultant’s turn to Meva with a project, which in turn...
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