The company is established in three continents with

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Unformatted text preview: nal sales Additionally the interviews will be performed on two company officials from the companies that are to be researched. The companies are both producing companies in the industrial/municipal water processing appliance industry. They are both of similar size and belong in the small and medium sized company category. The above listed demands for the companies to be researched rendered us the two chosen companies, namely: Läckeby Water AB and Nordic Water AB. Läckeby Water Group is a wholly owned Swedish group, with their main office just outside Kalmar (Sweden), that offer contracting, products, and service for industrial water processing and biogas production. The company is established in three continents with Europe and Asia as their primary markets. The product part of Läckeby Water Group is called Purac, and their range is internally developed licensed products ( Nordic Water Products AB is a part of the Tyco Group and is active in industrial and public waste- water processing appliances’, it has a main office in Gothenburg on the Swedish west coast and has three pro...
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