The internationalization process started in the

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Unformatted text preview: companies in the target countries. In the cases when fully owned sales subsidiaries are established the reason for that has been that local sales agents has been declared bankrupt. The company produces every component domestically and then delivers the assembled product to the buyer. Meva’s international sales amounts to approximately 85 percent of the total turnover, further the company has been international since the start-up because of the domestic market being too small to be profitable. The internationalization of Meva started through industry trade-shows where connections with future sales agents were made. The company attends 10–15 different trade-shows worldwide and the reason for attending is networking. The internationalization process started in the Scandinavian countries and Germany, which is, considered to be the single most important market for their industry because of two main factors; firstly, laws and regulations regarding environment are usually initiated there and then spread around Europe, and secondly the high population density forces them to recycle th...
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