The interviews were made by both researchers via

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Unformatted text preview: ue of determining if a study’s findings are possible to generalize beyond the immediate case study. In this thesis we have used triangulation. The components of this triangulation consist of our data collection methods as documentation and telephone interviews. In addition, several fellow individuals have viewed the interview guide, in order to ensure the comprehensibility of the questions and the appointed supervisor has also approved it. The interview guide was then sent to the respondents in order to make sure that they had, or could get, the data regarding their respective company’s internal and external factors influencing their foreign market entry mode that we needed for this thesis. The interviews were made by both researchers via speaker telephone as to avoid individual interpretations of the respondents’ answers. In addition, both researchers took notes and the interviews were recorded in order to avoid misinterpretations. No major generalizations will be drawn of this thesis as the research is performed and strictly limited to Swedish SME’s in the industrial water processing appliance industry and we have also stated some implications for further research in the end of this thesis. 3.7.2 Re...
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