The three stages which will be performed after the

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Unformatted text preview: ing to Miles and Huberman (1994) there are two forms of available analyses when applied to empirical data, namely within-case analysis and cross-case analysis. Within-case analysis is argued to compare the collected data against the theory used, whereas cross-case analysis compares the data from different cases with each other. As this thesis will compare two companies’ data to each other we will be performing a cross-case analysis. According to Miles and Huberman (1994) qualitative data analysis focuses on data in the form of words, 26 METHODOLOGY these data (in form of words) need processing in form of a three-stage analysis, referred to as concurrent flows of activity. The three stages, which will be performed after the data has been collected, are stated below: • • • Data Reduction – Selects, abstracts, simplifies, focuses, and transforms the collected data Data Display – Organizes and compresses the data which enables easy conclusion drawing Conclusion Drawing and Verification – The researcher decides the meaning of occurrences, noting regularities, patterns, explanations, possible...
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