There are 70 employees divided on five locations in

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Unformatted text preview: ollowing the interview. 28 EMPIRICAL DATA 4. EMPIRICAL DATA In this chapter we will present the data collected through the interviews. First, we will present data from Case 1, which in turn will be divided according to research question one and two, following the order of the interview guide, which was based on the previously mentioned theories. Then the data from Case two will be presented in the same order. 4.1 CASE 1 – MEVA The respondent is Krister Lundberg who is the Managing Director of Meva. Krister Lundberg, Sören Andersson and Per Mellergård founded the company in 1990. Meva’s annual turnover is approximately 250–300 million SEK and the company has roughly 12–15 million SEK in annual profit. There are 70 employees divided on five locations in Sweden. The company’s main business area is municipal and industrial waist water treatment and their products are differentiated. The entry modes used by Meva are direct export, indirect export, fully owned sales subsidiaries and cooperation with other...
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