Therefore the respondent states that previous failure

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Unformatted text preview: failure in 30 EMPIRICAL DATA these two particular markets is according to the respondent cooperation with the wrong partners’, also the respondent state that in the USA the market approach was wrong as the business and the legal system in America differs greatly from any other country. The respondent states that the “general agent” system in America has discouraged the company from trying to enter the market without cooperating with one of those general agents. Despite the two failures mentioned the company is not discouraged by previous experiences when choosing entry mode for a new international market, each specific entry is adapted to the current market conditions rather than compared to experiences of success or failure in previous market entry attempts. Therefore the respondent states that previous failure with a specific entry mode does not exclude that entry mode in another market because of the everchanging market conditions. When entering a new market the company usually reaches profitability within one to three years from market entry, despite t...
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