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These are company sizeresources management locus of

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Unformatted text preview: are also no home specific factors of relevance when it comes to choosing entry mode into new international markets. 34 DATA ANALYSIS 5. DATA ANALYSIS In this chapter the analysis of the empirical data received during the case studies will be presented. To begin with, a case analysis will be presented for the two cases comparing the empirical data in chapter four with the conceptual framework in chapter two. Finally a summary will be presented for each research question in form of a table for clarity reasons. This data analysis will be displayed in line with the research questions. 5.1 CASE ANALYSIS RESEARCH QUESTION 1 5.1.1 Theory by Koch (2001) Koch (2001) introduced a holistic model of the market and Market Entry Mode Selection process (MEMs). The author brings forward seven internal factors that influence the market entry mode selection. These are: company size/resources, management locus of control, management risk attitudes, market share targets, calculation methods applied, profit targets and experience in using individual MEMs. As stated in our conceptual framework we have chosen to focus on company siz...
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