These questions affect the companys way of conducting

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Unformatted text preview: he company have any ambition to gain a great part of a market in a specific country (Bruhno and Schilt, 2001)? Strategy Does the company have special strategies for the abroad activity? Are there any specific strategies for each market? Does the company work with development of these strategies (Bruhno and Schilt, 2001)? Product What qualities does the product have that will be exported? Are these products standardized or adaptable? How many products does the company have? These questions affect the company’s way of conducting the internationalization (Bruhno and Schilt, 2001). Management How extensive is the international experience in the company? Is there any specific experience of any marketing channel in the company? Are there any general ideas on how the managers should pursuit their international strategy? How great is the management’s engagement? What competencies are demanded in the international activity? Does the management develop these competencies? What language skills are there amongst the management? How great is...
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