They also consider international entry as an

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Unformatted text preview: three different ways of managing their international activities. Generally, companies start with organizing an export department, then an international division is created and finally they become a global organization (Kotler and Armstrong, 2001). Eriksson, Johanson, Majkgård and Sharma (1997) emphasize the difficulties with the process of internationalization. They also consider international entry as an incremental process that begins relatively late in a firm’s life cycle which might warn of potentially negative consequences of early internationalization on firm survival, this is further supported in findings made by Johanson and Vahlne (1977, 1990). Entry strategies According to Osland, Taylor and Zou (2001) globalization of business has grown rapidly in recent decades, which has in turn forced companies to develop strategies for entering and expand their businesses into new markets. One of the most crucial strategic decisions an international company has to make is selecting a mode for entering a new foreign market. Entry strategies for in...
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