They also strive for first mover advantage and avoid

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Unformatted text preview: eir water multiple times, which generates demand for effective waste water treatment facilities. Today, Meva has annually sales in 45 countries and the total number of nations sold, to at least once, is 68. The company’s future goals with their extended international operations are currently focused on increasing sales in former Soviet and east European states such as: Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. As an example the company has received orders from both Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan. They also strive to increase their sales in South-America, which is hard because of the trade barriers (i.e. penalty duties). When entering a new international market, it is of great importance for Meva that the infrastructure is well developed. They also strive for first mover advantage and avoid entering mature markets. 4.1.1 Case 1 – Data regarding RQ1: How do internal factors influence firm’s choice of international market entry mode? The single most important internal factor is the management’s ability, flexibility and dedication, since it is the management’s responsibility to lead the company through all possible hurdles when entering a new international market. The knowl...
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