This is also true for the profit target factor as it

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Unformatted text preview: ment in a new international market. Purac considers themselves as market leaders and their main national competition to be Malmberg Water AB and VA-ingenjörerna, furthermore they consider their main international competitors to be Veolia and Degrémont, two large French companies. Purac does not gather any information about how these, or their other, competitors enter new international markets. However, although it is not a clearly stated strategy they do get some information through various business contacts. When entering a new international market, the goal is to continue to win projects and finish them, this hopefully creates a basis for establishment of subsidiaries in that particular market. Purac does not consider return on investment to be very important, since every project is supposed to be financially viable. This is also true for the profit target factor as it is supposed to already be met due to the earlier mentioned strategy that every project brings profit. The Establishment time however is according to the respondent very important, since the company’s objective is to grow internation...
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