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This is based on the purpose of this thesis being to

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Unformatted text preview: roblem area with already existing theories or information. The goal with this type of research is to develop careful descriptions of different patterns that were suspected in the exploratory research. Finally, according to Yin (1994), explanatory research explains the causal relationships between cause and effect. Moreover, Denscombe (2000) argues that the aim of explanatory research is to develop a theory in order to explain the empirical generalization developed in the descriptive stage. Bearing these criteria in mind, we can define our study as being mainly descriptive, however it will also be exploratory and to some extent explanatory. This is based on the purpose of this thesis being to provide a better understanding of the of impact internal and external factors on Swedish SME’s choice international market entry strategies. In order to find answers to our research questions we will have to explore the thesis topic and in the end of this thesis we will also begin to explain the research area. 23 METHODOLOGY...
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