This type of information then creates the basis for

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Unformatted text preview: ment, management influence, type of product, company size, international experience and relations) are of lesser importance since the company conducts business project-byproject and thereby determine whether further establishment, with more resource intense involvement, is desirable. As a further measure to avoid risk Purac has made it a clear strategy to ensure that the control and decision power of subsidiaries does not leave the Swedish headquarter. Purac is divided in three divisions, one marketing and sales division, one production division and one technical division. The marketing and sales division is responsible for the gathering of information about market conditions in other countries; this is made through a wide array of methods, mainly through international press, conferences and their sales personnel. This type of information then creates the basis for the decision in what way to enter a new international market, which is made by the company’s management, although the basic strategy is to conduct business project-by-project as a first involve...
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