We found that the companies do not take their product

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Unformatted text preview: nsider this to be an issue worth much thought. We found that the reason for this could be their obvious preference for low resource committing entry modes, at least for their initial entry mode decision. Although we found Speed, is not considered important by the respondents in this thesis, it could have a serious impact on managerial decisions regarding international market entry modes. We found that there are issues regarding the speed factor that are hard to determine, such as when it is important to reach a specific market quickly, and as an effect of this companies might miss great opportunities in new international markets. The complexity and differentiation of the product could according to theory affect the market entry mode decision, as different product features could render difficulties of various kinds when entering a new international market. We found that the companies do not take their product features into consideration when choosing market entry mode, which might render additional costs and missed opportunities regarding economies of scale. We found that the motive for engaging i...
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