What motives influenced the companys choice of entry

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Unformatted text preview: tors that influence a company’s choice of marketing channel. The authors also state that these factors should not be studied isolated but instead viewed as related to each other. See figure 2.3 on page 14. These are the internal factors: Motive The first factor; the motive, is meant to answer questions such as: What motives were there in the company for internationalization? A small home market and a strong competitive product are examples of answers to that question. What motives influenced the company’s choice of entry mode? There are also examples of indirect motives that may influence the choice of entry mode, such as a temporary contact with a company outside of the home country (Bruhno and Schilt, 2001). Goals What goals did the company have with their internationalization? Have the goals changed since the start with the international business? Are there any long-term and/or short-term goals for the company? What specific goals exists regarding market shares and sales volume? Does t...
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