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Unformatted text preview: either change direction or search for new markets. The internationalization process started in the Scandinavian countries and then continued to Germany. Today, Purac is represented by subsidiaries in Norway, Denmark, Germany and the People’s Republic of China because these markets have high demand according to the respondent. Furthermore, the East European and South-East Asian markets are important to Purac although the company is not represented by subsidiaries in those markets. The company future goal with their extended international operations is simply to grow, which is totally coherent with the company strategy. This is also a part of the decision as to why the company is and should continue to conduct international business, as the Scandinavian market is relatively small and matured. When entering a new international market, it is of great importance for Purac that the market has enough projects with secured financial resources for the projects to be finished, as Purac does not agree to any projects without that project being sufficiently financed. The last time the company entered a new geographic market, the reason was that there is a new emerging market for biogas (which is also one of Puracâ€...
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