When it comes to the companys choice of international

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Unformatted text preview: edge is fundamental factor as it creates the base from which the management makes decisions regarding international market entries. The factor of competitive advantages is more or less neglected by the respondents company, the main reason for this is, according to the respondent, that Meva 29 EMPIRICAL DATA is the market leader in their segment and thereby create their own terms of competition. The remaining internal factors stated regarding the influence on the company’s choice of international markets (resources, product adaptation, planning and control within the company and employee motivation and ability), are considered of less importance as the respondent views them as a part of management ability, flexibility and dedication. When it comes to the company’s choice of international market entry mode the respondent views all the internal factors as necessary to bear in mind, however, the most important internal factors are long-term goals, relations and management influence. The remaining fact...
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