Yet strong internal or external loci of control are

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Unformatted text preview: rnational joint ventures. The influence of company size on its freedom of choice in selecting market entry mode and their relevant preferences depends on industry-specific resource demands for individual market entry modes. Management locus of control Koch (2001) also states that the significance of management locus of control for the degree of company international business involvement and the market entry mode preference is often underestimated, if not overlooked altogether. Yet strong internal, or external, loci of control are likely to considerably affect manager perceptions; the way their institution works and their market entry mode decisions may thus, particularly in less experienced companies, determine the outcome of this decision process. If the decision is significantly influenced by a number of managers, we have a potentiality of locus of control discord; depending on its management style, the company will either disregard loci of control, which do not agree with the decision maker or undertake actions aimed at achieving perceptual consensus with regard to...
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