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Unformatted text preview: lts in case two were more conclusive in the contradiction against theory than our findings in case one. 5.4 SUMMARIZATION OF FINDINGS IN RESEARCH QUESTION 2 We have summarized our findings regarding research question two in table 5.2 below. TABLE 5.4 Summarization of findings regarding RQ 2. Theory Factor Case 1 - Meva Case 2 - Purac Koch (2001) Industry feasibility/ viability of MEM Characteristics of the overseas country business environment Market growth rate Market barriers Verifies Verifies Contradicts Verifies Contradicts Verifies Contradicts Verifies Root (1994) Target country market factors Target country production factors Home country factors Contradicts Contradicts Contradicts Contradicts - - Root (1994) and Bell (1995) Geographic distance Verifies Verifies Bruhno and Schilt (2001) Competitors Contradicts Verifies Root (1994) Preferred entry mode Contradicts Contradicts 45 CONCLUSIONS AND IMPLICATIONS 6. CONCLUSIONS AND IMPLICATIONS In this chapter we will present the findings...
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