10 what do you think about the attitudeof government

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Unformatted text preview: in general in (country)? Investment Risk 12. What do you t i k about the general stability of the political, hn social, and economic conditions in (country)? 13. What do you t i k is the risk of converting and repatriating hn your income in (country)? 14. What do you think is the risk of expropriation of f m from (country). INTERNALIZATION ADVANTAGES Contractual Risk 15. Compared to that of the U.S.A., how would you rate the costs of making and enforcing contractsin (country)? 16. How sure are you that your standards f quality of services will o be maintained if you operated jointly w a local leasing f m ith in (collxltry)? 17. What do you t hink is the risk of dissipation or misuse of your proprietary knowledgeif you operated jointly with a local leasing firm in (country)? Note: All items (except 1 and 5 ) were measured using a 7-point bipolar scale. NOTES 1. This study examines only one type of exporting, namely, direct exporting without investment o f assets in the host c ountry. Some studies in the international channe...
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