1979 the economics o multinational cnterprisc london

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Unformatted text preview: Ltd. Huber, George P.& Daniel J. Power. 1985. Retrospective reports of strategic-level managas: Guidel ines for inmasing their accuracy. Strategic Management Journal, 6 : 171-80. Khoury, Sarkis J. 1979. International banking: A special look at foreign banks in the US.Journul of International Bvsiness Studies, 10 (winter): 36-52. - ! i JOURNAL OF INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS STUDIES, FIRST QUARTER 1992 26 Kimura, Yui. ’ 1989. Firm ~ pecific strategic advantages and foreign direct investment behaviorof f m : The case of Japanese semi-conductor f i i Journal o International Business Studies, 20 (Sumf mer): 2 S 3 1 4 . Kogut, Bruce. 1989. A note on global strategies. Strategic MaMgement JournaL 1 0 383-89. & Harbir Singh. 1988. The effect of national culture on thc choice of entry mode. Journul of International Buriness Sacdies, 19 (Fall): 411-32. Kumar, Manmohan S. 1984. Growth, acquisition,and investment: An analysis o the growth o indusf f trialfirms and their overseas activities. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Lambkin, Mary. 1988. Order of...
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